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    The WabeMelt symbol, which belongs to Bank Mellat, is one of the most attractive symbol symbols of the banking group due to its low P / E compared to the whole group. In a comprehensive symbol analysis, the further the distance, the higher the profitability of the stock.
    SHABRIZ Symbol, the stock symbol of the Tabriz Oil Refining Company, designed in 1974 and launched in February 1977 and entered the Iran Stock Exchange in 2008. SHABRIZ is another refining symbol whose shares are featured in the First Refining Fund, and therefore many shareholders are following the price changes of this share.
    Five years residency for foreign investors / Iran Stock Exchange Support Package
    According to analysts, gold has entered a new price range this month (July) . Market expert Daniel Pavilonis believes that if the price of an ounce can touch and cross the $ 1829 mark, it will make a golden ascent and this precious metal will be able to move to the historic peak of the ounce.
    Following the daily high incidence of the corona in the world, the upward trend in gold and coin prices has led to a high fever of gold and coins this summer.
    After the sharp fluctuations of the coin, in Tuesday evening transactions, the price of the coin exceeded the channel of 10 million Tomans.
    Spokesman for the Economic Commission of the Majles: Issues that are a public and urgent need of the people should not be speculated on. Taxation of income from real estate, real estate, cars, coins and currency is a priority, not all infrastructure is now available.
    In global trading on Tuesday, the price of gold stood near its highest level in eight years due to the increase in cases of coronavirus worldwide and the release of the report on the improvement of the US service industry.
    In the stock market, you have to make more precise decisions about stock trading, it is difficult to understand what leads to changes in supply and demand in the stock market and makes some buyers and some sellers share. To explain this behavior, various theories have been formed, by studying which we can better predict stock price fluctuations in the stock market.
    The price growth of the dollar continued in the market today and this currency increased by 500 tomans and reached the price of 21,800 tomans.
    In recent months, especially yesterday, the all-spring Azadi coin of the new design crossed the 10 million toman mark. .
    The gold market has been in turmoil following the corona outbreak and closures, with major traders worried that they will not be able to receive gold from New York on time and conclude their gold futures contracts. These concerns created tensions in London and New York futures.
    The price of the dollar was announced today, Sunday, in the exchange office of Bank Melli, and has shown an ascent to the channel of 21,000 Tomans.
    Neda Bashiri, Director of New OTC Financial Instruments: At the request of the Ministry of Health and with the approval of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, it is possible to reopen the corona bonds on the OTC. Dr. Minoo Mehrz: It is more necessary to invest in Corona bonds for drug production and mask production.
    Ruhollah Mirsanei, Secretary General of the Brokers Association: Policies and regulations that have been formed in the capital market are pushing the core of Tehran Stock Exchange transactions to shut down. According to the managers of the Brokers Association, the current system no longer responds to the growing volume of demand in the stock market.
    Recently, in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the capital income tax bill was announced by the presidium of the Assembly, which could be water on the fire of various markets and reduce brokerage and trade. The details of this plan show that collecting taxes on coins, currencies and stocks is on the agenda of the 11th parliament.
    In today's market, July 5, 2020 - the price of gold and coins in the market decreased and each coin was priced at 9 million 480 thousand Tomans during the whole spring of freedom .
    The market shows the weekend of declines in gold, coins, currencies and dollars. After the growth of the price of gold for several days, this morning the price of gold reached the highest level of a few days and a few years, and then fell and reached the lowest price of the week.
    The United States has repeatedly warned over the past year that companies and ships that help export Venezuelan oil will be subject to sanctions.
    In today's trading market, July 3, 2020 , the prices of coins and gold increased compared to the previous day. The price of coins has approached the channel of 10 million Tomans with a strange increase. Although the price of the dollar in bank exchange offices has not changed today, but prices in today's market in Tehran rose and the dollar became more expensive and reached 20,710 (twenty thousand seven hundred and ten) tomans.
    With the rise of the corona in the United States, investors are turning to investing in the gold market. The price of the yellow metal increased in the world markets today, Wednesday, July 3rd. Today, prices in the gold, coin and foreign exchange markets of Iran have been declining and we are witnessing a significant decrease.
    The initial public offering promotes the stock market and economic development while preserving the interests of investors. In fact, it provides a win-win situation.
    The decision to sell shares is up to you. But as a general recommendation, it is better to keep your stock as long as there is a buy queue in the stock.
    At the beginning of today's trading, the total index with a growth of more than 40,000 units in less than 40 minutes entered the historic channel of 1,520,000 units.
    The first day of a public offering, that is, when a company's stock is first listed on a stock exchange, is called an "Initial Public Offering (IPO)." The money from the initial public offering goes directly to the company, but if If someone wants to buy these shares later, the money will go to the seller, in other words, after the initial public offering, the shares will be traded in the secondary market.
    Deputy Minister of Health : It is inevitable that some restrictions will be lifted, we must follow the health protocols when reopening. Recently, the number of hospitalizations of critically ill and young patients has increased. The increase in coronary hospitalizations compared to those discharged in Tehran is a major danger sign.
    Nader Bazar Afshan, secretary of the Tehran Jewelry Union, referring to the rise in the price of the dollar, said: "It is predicted that by the end of the year, we will see its impact on the price of gold in the domestic market." As long as the foreign exchange market is in an upward trajectory, we can not expect the price of gold and coins to fall.
    Less than a few hours have passed since the opening of world markets and the price of gold shows a positive trend. Wang Tao, a Reuters technical analyst, predicted that every ounce of gold breaks the resistance and rises.
    According to the announcement of the Jewelry Union, today, Monday, July 30, 2020, in the Tehran market, the new design Azadi spring coin was traded at a price of 8 million 770 thousand Tomans and the old design Azadi spring coin was traded at a price of 8 million 450 thousand Tomans.
    The price of gold today, Sunday, 04/08/1399, increased by 64.2% and the price of coins in today's market increased by 275,000 Tomans compared to the previous day.
    The head of the jewelry sellers and manufacturers union said: "We see the effects of the outbreak of this virus even in the global ounce price, which can be considered as one of the reasons for the fluctuations of this virus.
    Speaking about solutions to the current crisis, the deputy speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: "The government and especially the central bank have almost no monitoring tools to track the funds allocated for the corona." For example, any person can get facilities for his business and buy gold and currency with the same facilities received, so the granting of large facilities has caused a disruption of the market, not a boom in production.
    Scientists initially thought it was just a respiratory virus , but it spreads to the pancreas, the heart, the liver, brain, kidneys and other organs, and it is estimated that the disease has 1 to 10 long-term symptoms. Also have.
    Gold rose 0.43 percent to $ 1,771.29 an ounce at the close of trading on Friday. The gold, coin and foreign exchange markets are witnessing a relative increase in prices on the seventh day of July, the opposite of the trend of the past two days.
    The total stock index grew more than 34,000 units today, Saturday, July 28, 2010. Today's trading on the stock market is being followed, while last week the total index had a return of more than 15%, but the average value of daily trades had decreased. Agah brokerage trading system was finally activated on Saturday.
    The shares in " First Financial Intermediary Investment Fund " known as ETF shares can be traded in the stock market from the second week of July 1399; Hence, a large number of retirees have raised questions about how and when to sell ETF stocks, which is a concern for many retirees these days.
    According to the exchange rate of the National Exchange, the dollar and the euro became cheaper than yesterday and the dollar price reached 19,160 tomans. The price of gold fell today in trading on Thursday, July 26, 1999, the world market, and fell behind its highest record in eight years.
    Expertise Events, the organiser of the International Jewellery & Watch Fair (IJWF), has released details of its 2021 Capital City Trade Days which will take place in February and March.
    Currently, in the open market, the price of 18-carat gold is 844 thousand Tomans per gram, and the price of the all-spring Azadi coin is 8 million and 518 thousand Tomans, and the price of the old design is 8 million and 150 thousand Tomans
    The price of the dollar in the market today, 04/04/99, after a few days of increasing trend, experienced a price drop today
    Analysts say concerns about the coronavirus in the United States and sustained economic weakness have led people to turn to safe-haven assets such as gold, and gold is facing increasing buying demand amid economic and political uncertainties
    It is too early to analyze and predict the consequences of the corona, and it cannot be definitively examined on the third page of the play, and perhaps, like the optimistic Italians, it should be ruled out," Patrick Winter wrote in a note to the Guardian. "Everything will be better tomorrow, but there is no doubt that the corona outbreak has led to a clash of different narratives about the problem, which could eventually lead to a variety of political and economic consequences, from war to peace
    The price of the new Azadi spring coin increased by 100,000 tomans compared to yesterday. The price of an ounce of gold in world markets reached one thousand and 751 dollars and each gram of 18-carat gold is traded at 817 thousand and 100 tomans. The dollar rose today at the National Exchange.
    Hassan Qalibaf Asl in a press conference, referring to the fact that the potential of different institutions should be used in this market, said: "One of the important issues is to avoid parallelism in the capital market
    Rising global ounces and the exchange rate affected the gold and coin market and pushed up the price of coins and gold. The price of gold today, July 2, 2020, in the Iranian and world markets, as in previous days, experienced an upward trend
    The entry of micro-investors into the stock market has been highlighted and the stock market is facing a significant increase in demand for entry; An event that is normally welcomed by all stock market participants, but in recent months, the growth in demand for investment in the stock market has been accompanied by a relative growth in the number of coronary heart disease
    The 19 percent increase in the price of an ounce of gold in the last three months has played a positive role in overtaking the dollar
    The secretary of the Tehran Gold Union says: "With the increase in the price of an ounce of gold and the adoption of the anti-Iranian resolution of the IAEA Board of Governors, the price of gold in the domestic market is likely to increase
    Currently, in the open market, the price of 18-carat gold per gram is 782 thousand Tomans, the price of the dollar is 19 thousand and 50 Tomans, and the price of the all-spring Azadi coin is 7 million and 915 thousand Tomans.
    One of the most important markets of the commodity exchange is its physical market . The nature of this market is similar to the traditional market in terms of delivery of goods; Of course, with the difference that it has its own specific rules and mechanisms.
    When an economic catastrophe is likely to occur, the main reason people invest in gold is to protect their capital. According to research, buying gold is the best way to protect capital against the fall of various markets, including the stock market. Therefore, if forecasts and signs point to bad stock market conditions in the future, we can be sure that gold is the best investment
    today, Thursday, June 20, 2020, according to which each gram of 18- carat gold reached the price of The price of gold was announced 762,300 Tomans and each gram of 24- carat gold reached 10,164 Tomans
    An eclipse will occur on the first Sunday of July (June 21, 1399), which scientists have called the most spectacular solar eclipse in a decade
    According to the Gold Cafe , quoted by Tasnim News Agency, the stock market attracts liquidity, and if we do not have hyperinflation at the moment, there is only one reason, and that is the stock market. But the stock market is moving towards inflation and bubbling, usually when the stock market bubbles, this bubble is emptied in the securities market, and of course, this emptying has been done to some extent
    The exceptional coordination of all elements of the government and the nation in Uruguay and the reduction of the rights of the authorities to fight Corona seems to be the secret of the country's success in fighting the virus
    The gold market started operating today, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, with a slight increase. Meanwhile, in today's exchanges so far, the price of gold has increased by 71,000 rials
    The total index of the stock exchange crossed 1.2 million units in the middle of today's trading on Monday, June 17, reaching 1 million 204 thousand 789 units. Today's growth of the total index of the stock exchange was 19 thousand 367 units. Concerns about global economic growth and the continuing decline in demand were accompanied by lower prices today, on the first trading day of the week
    After not having its best week in two months, gold did not change much in Monday's trading in the global market, where there were new concerns about the second wave of the Corona virus outbreak in Beijing. The exchange rate in the Tehran market fluctuated. The price of the dollar reached 18,040 Tomans and the price of the Euro became 20,200 Tomans
    Currently, in the open market, the price of 18-carat gold per gram is 738 thousand Tomans, the price of the dollar is 17 thousand 960 Tomans and the price of the all-spring Azadi coin is 7 million 570 thousand Tomans
    Per capita income in Iran has fallen sharply in the last eight years. The record of the highest per capita income in the country is related to 1390, when the share of each Iranian in the country's GDP was 7 million and 370 thousand tomans
    The gold market started operating today, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, with a slight increase. Meanwhile, in today's exchanges so far, the price of gold has increased by 71,000 rials
    The capital market expert said that sending the slightest sign of a fundamental reform in the capital market would be a strong signal for the exchange rate to rise.
    Trading coins and gold in the commodity exchange is a positive step for the economy, so that the supply of gold and coins in the form of new markets in the capital market, responds part of the needs and demand of the market
    Over the past few weeks, the frequency of the word stock market has increased in the media , and there is not a day that the media and economic and financial experts do not talk about the stock market. Special news programs are organized and experts, familiar and unfamiliar, comment on it. These days, the stock market has become the key word for speeches by senior government and non-government officials. The desire to invest in the stock market increases and a new record is set every day
    The price of coins and gold jumped today, June 10, after a short break, which was accompanied by a slight decrease. This was while the purchase price of the dollar in exchange offices decreased by 20 tomans
    The stock market experienced a slight decline in today's trading and the amount of liquidity inflow shows that the ready-made index of pullback is at the previous broken level. According to the Gold Cafe, the total index of the stock exchange at the end of today's trading decreased by 794 units to 1,118,118 units
    The head of the Social Security Retirees Association of Tehran Province explained the details of the increase in pensions in 2020
    The rate of increase in the salaries of social security retirees has not been applied yet, and the head of the Social Security Retirees Association said in this regard: the minimum salary that is considered for employees should also be approved for retirees
    The price of gold in the world market transactions on Tuesday, June 10, 2016 increased due to the weakening of the dollar , but on the eve of the US Federal Reserve m
    The OTC Vice President of OTC Markets of Iran on how to conduct justice stock transactions in OTC, announced: OTC from today, June 18, the possibility of trading in investable companies subject to the portfolio of justice stocks by brokerages from 12:45 to 14 Is
    One way to predict prices is to look at their past trends. Accordingly, this page shows the price trends of important Iranian markets According to the site of Gold Cafe , quoting the world of economy, in the text related to each part, the future trend of prices is predicted based on the available evidence
    The new round of pre-sales of Saipa Automotive Group products will start at 2:00 PM today, Sunday, June 9th. The Deputy CEO of Saipa Automotive Group in sales and after-sales service announced the launch of three new products, simultaneously with the pre-sale plan for the products of this group
    Currently in the open market, the price of 18-carat gold is 717 thousand tomans per gram, the price of the dollar is 17 thousand and 670 tomans, and the price of the all-spring Azadi coin is 7 million and 350 tomans
    Although the weak performance of the US economy in recent months has reduced traders' willingness to buy dollars , strong support from the US Federal Reserve and the US Treasury for financial markets has kept traders optimistic about the green bank outlook. Stay .
    Today, the price of gold rose more than $ 5 per ounce due to the devaluation of the dollar, so that the market optimism that the economic situation will improve did not prevent the price from rising. According to the site of Gold Cafe , today in the world markets, the price of an ounce of gold increased by $ 5.3 compared to the previous day at the price of $ 1706 and 10 cents.
    Three steps to start investing in the stock market If your decision to start in the stock market has been finalized now, in the continuation of this article from the site of Tala Cafe, we intend to teach you practical details on how to start in the stock market. Even if your stock market knowledge is just that you have heard the word stock index on TV and your stock market information is zero, you can still buy your first stock. But getting started is important, especially when it comes to money and capital! So keep in mind
    To start investing or trading in Tehran Stock Exchange, you need to know many basics and details and there are many rules that you should be aware of. Due to the good return of Tehran Stock Exchange compared to other markets, many people are interested in Enter this market and invest their surplus capital in the stock market
    According to the site of Tala Cafe, quoted by Tasnim News Agency; While the devaluation of the dollar has strengthened the market, and at the same time economic optimism and hopes for more stimulus measures have led to an increase in appetite for risk-taking and the growth of stock indices, gold prices today saw limited volatility
    Razzaqi wrote in a note in Khabar Online about the situation in the markets: The decrease in the world price of gold, which started on May 21, continued last week until May 27. .
    The price of gold rose slightly in Monday's trading after falling for the last time in more than a month due to declining demand for safe-haven assets.
    Today (Tuesday) each coin of the whole spring of freedom of the new design is seven million and 440 thousand tomans, which has remained the same as yesterday. Also, each coin of all the freedom of the old design, without changing the price, is priced at seven million and 200 thousand tomans.
    According to the site of Cafe Tala; According to the latest forecasts made by Bloomberg, gold and bitcoin are among the assets that started the year 2020 with authority and this trend is expected to continue until the end of this year.
    You can buy gold with one of the three methods of Zaid.
    12 Sep 2020 Investing in gold
    This strategy is mainly to cover gold price fluctuations. This solution can also indirectly cover dollar fluctuations. Who is this plan suitable for?
    Despite the many fluctuations and frustration of gold reaching the $ 2,000 level, experts and market analysts see low gold prices as opportunities to buy. The price of this precious metal has been growing again following the increase in demand and it seems that this growth will continue.
    The price of gold in today's trading on Monday, September 7, 2020, slightly increased following the release of unfavorable US economic data. The price of an ounce of gold in US futures increased by 0.5% to 1943 dollars and 40 cents.

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